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Introducing the Dogs of Kodiak Cakes

A lot of us here at Kodiak Cakes have four-legged friends we love to bring along on all our outdoor adventures. Whether it’s an early morning run before work, a camping trip with the family, or just a quick walk around the block, we haven’t found too many activities where having a dog by your side doesn’t make it a whole lot better. To help show our appreciation for our furry friends, we decided to give these lovable mutts the thanks they deserve by sharing their stories here around the Kodiak Campfire. Without further ado, we’re proud to introduce you to just a few of the dogs of Kodiak Cakes!

Kamas & Ace

Meet Kamas and Ace, a brother-sister pair of border collies and loyal companions to our Senior Operations Manager, Natalie. Energetic, incredibly smart, and sassy as all get out, Kamas will let you know if she isn’t getting the attention she needs. When Kamas’s parents don’t wake up as early as she’d like, she walks up to the side of the bed and lets them know it’s time they got their butts out of bed. Kamas’s favorite pastime consists of French kissing unsuspecting humans caught laying on the floor with their mouths open.

Kamas’s counterpart, Ace (aka Teddy Bear), is a connoisseur of comfort and has been described as “a bowl full of jelly.” Ace is perfectly content snuggling on the couch, sandwiched between the softest pillows in the house. In fact, his go-to move is the cuddle-sneak-attack, which consists of putting one paw up on the couch, waiting to see if anyone objects, then slowly inching each paw up until he’s able to jiggle the rest of his body up to make himself completely comfortable. When Ace isn’t catching Z’s on the couch, he springs into action to protect Natalie’s son, Brooks. Ever the consummate professional, Ace is always by Brooks’ side—no matter what. Apart from Ace’s reputation as being the “best guard dog any mother could hope for,” he’s also a fierce lover and first-rate snuggler.


When Devyn, our Accounts Receivable Analyst, went in search of an adventure buddy, she came across a pup whose sad face immediately caught her attention. As a stray out of California, Nali’s hair was matted down and she wouldn’t come near anyone in the shelter. All she could do was cower in the corner, but Devyn and her husband knew they wanted to help her.

At first, Nali was scared of everyone, even a friendly house cat, and it was soon discovered that she had severe separation anxiety. But over the course of a year, Nali slowly took to training and eventually became the happy, healthy pup she is today. Nali’s favorite activities now include hiking with her family (off leash like a wild dog, of course), running through any sort of standing water at full speed, cuddling with her humans, and playing tag. Devyn is happy to report Nali can now be left alone for a few hours at a time, and she has a renewed sense of self-confidence. She loves to lay on her back and make funny faces when she wants attention (most include her tongue hanging out). Nali is, without a doubt, an adored member of Devyn’s family.


Annie, our Associate Operations Manager and in-house detective (more on that later), first saw a photo of Bear on a pet adoption website. After months of looking at his photo, she finally reached out to the rescue to learn more about the pup she had looked at so many times before. As it turned out, Bear was found running around Northern Utah all alone. He was brought to a county animal shelter and, given his age ranged anywhere from seven to nine-years-old, had limited interest from adoptive families. He was scheduled to be euthanized when the shelter reached out to a rescue organization called Happy Tails at Pegasus in Grantsville, Utah to board him.

Within 20 minutes of first meeting Bear, Annie knew Bear was the dog she was meant to have. Over the next few weeks, she convinced (more like begged and pleaded) her fiancé, Justin, to spend just one afternoon with Bear. While he was interested, Justin ultimately didn’t think they could handle the lifestyle change. But Annie persisted, and now they have their Bear dog. Today, Bear can be found out enjoying morning runs, taking long naps in the sun, and going on camping trips to Southern Utah with his humans. Annie doesn’t know exactly where Bear came from or who his family was before, but she likes to think he lucked out pretty hard when they brought him home from the rescue that day.


Yeti, our resident husky with a penchant for causing mischief, was up to his usual tricks when he decided to venture out the doggie door, hop the fence, and explore the neighborhood one morning. When our Creative Services Coordinator, Stazia, received a call from her fiancé that Yeti had gone missing, the Kodiak Cakes office sprang into action to bring Yeti back home. Social media networks were alerted, local authorities were notified, and Stazia drove home as quickly as possible to conduct a search on the ground. Within a matter of just fifteen minutes—a very long and nerve-racking fifteen minutes—Yeti had been located by Annie our office social media sleuth. Turns out Yeti had been picked up by a very good neighbor and was relaxing poolside in the backyard, where the chlorine water had given his already-white coat a more radiant glow. After the incident, five (additional) cameras were installed, a tracking collar was purchased, and taller fencing was built so Yeti can now roam free around the house, albeit under constant surveillance, while his very loving parents are away at work.


Neko, also known as Neek, Bird, The Bird, Little Bird, Whack-O, and Baby Bear, is a seven-year-old female golden retriever who enjoys taking naps on the couch, chasing tennis balls at the dog park, and butt scratches from anyone willing to give them. Though a native to Blackfoot, Idaho, Neko has taken to her life down in Utah in typical golden fashion—with a derpy grin and enthusiastic tail-wagging. Neko learned proper fly-fishing etiquette as a pup and has braved everything from high water, tall mountains, and deep snow following her human, Jeff – who is also the Brand Copywriter for Kodiak Cakes – around the Utah mountains. Loyal, loving, and intelligent, Neko is the best adventure buddy and companion anybody could ask for, and she will always give into the temptation to wolf down a stack of Kodiak Cakes when nobody is watching.

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