Kodiak Cakes Employee Love Interviews

Love is more than just hugs and kisses!

We’ve been talking about love all month because loving someone, or something, should not be limited to just Valentine’s Day. In fact, we express our love for family members and friends all year, which can be as simple as reading a book with your baby girl or petting your dog. This week we interviewed Kodiak Cakes employees who each have a special story of love to share. Keep reading for each of their stories and watch our short video clip for an even closer look at what their relationship is like—you can even vote for your favorite Kodiak Couple on our Instagram story at @kodiakcakes (polls open for a limited time only)!

Cori & Nora​

Mother & Daughter

Cori and Nora are about the most darling mother/daughter duo there ever was. Nora was born about a year and a half ago and is a little ball of sunshine whose love for her mom is evident in every interaction they have. They love to read books together, play with toys, and snack on Kodiak Cakes. Cori first knew she loved Nora when she was laying in her hospital bed, “I looked over and saw my husband holding Nora all by himself for the first time. The room was quiet and dark, and I realized that all of the sudden we had our own little family! I knew then that I loved Nora so, so much.” If we had to pick our favorite Valentine’s duo, it may just be Cori and Nora.


Joel & Cameron

Friends & Business Partners

Kodiak Cakes brought Joel (founder) and Cameron (co-founder) together nearly ten years ago! Cameron had just graduated from the University of Utah when he joined Kodiak Cakes as Joel’s business partner in 2009. Their journey together has not been easy, but when Cameron came on as Kodiak Cakes’ second employee, Joel said he “brought a new energy that replenished his belief that Kodiak Cakes would work.” From the beginning, Cameron says that, “Kodiak Cakes has been so much fun. Joel and I can trust each other’s thoughts and ideas, and we can push each other in the right ways to help our business grow.” If Joel could write one poem for Cameron for love month this year, he’d say, “Roses are red, Violets are blue. Cameron eats pancakes, and so should you!”

Eleanor & Nali

Dog Mom & Giant Puppy

Eleanor (human) and Nali (Great Pyrenees and Akbash mix) are like Kodiak Cakes and breakfast—they just go together. Nali weighed only ten pounds when Eleanor first met her furry friend, and after three years together, Nali has grown into a 120-pound polar bear! Eleanor read once that when a dog looks you in the eyes, it’s the equivalent of them giving you a hug, “Nali does this to me every day. She brings her face super close to mine to look me right in the eyes, but no kisses because she knows I’m not a big fan of dog kisses.” Although she’s not that little anymore, Nali will always be Eleanor’s “little tiny puffy fluff.”

Sara & John

Kodiak Couple

Cupid’s arrow first hit Sara and John at Kodiak Cakes. These lovebirds met at work where they became fast friends. When John asked Sara out for the first time she said, “no,” because she “didn’t date co-workers.” However, it wasn’t long before Sara realized she and John were a match made in Heaven and, lucky for her, “John wanted to raincheck on that coffee date.” The two are now inseparable and are always outside doing something fun. They eat Kodiak Cakes almost every day—John makes waffles with Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk & Honey Flapjack and Waffle mix, and Sara whips up a stack of Cinnamon Oat Power Cakes. If it weren’t for Kodiak Cakes, Sara and John would have never become each other’s forever Valentine!

Do you have a story like one of our Kodiak duos? Remind your other half about your story together by sharing this post with them. And don’t forget to cast your vote on our Instagram story for your favorite Kodiak Couple before time runs out!

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By: Sara Drury | February 20, 2019

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