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Kodiak Campfire

Official Blog of Kodiak Cakes


Off The Grid & On The Menu

Cooking in the outdoors is now simpler than ever using Kodiak Cakes. We've teamed with Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet from @freshoffthegrid to show you how to enjoy some of your favorite Kodiak Cakes products outside!


Trail Etiquette 101

Poor trail etiquette makes it harder for others to enjoy the outdoors. While there are many guidelines to follow when it comes to good trail etiquette, here are four quick tips to get started so we can all be better trail stewards.


Confessions of a Mom

Every moment with the kids is worth it, even if every day as a mom may not always be sunshine and daisies. This week we went behind the scenes with four moms to find out some of their funniest confessions.


How do you conquer your frontier?