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Homemade Edible Place Cards

If you’re looking to step up your Turkey Day dinner celebration this year, Kodiak Cakes & @ladyinthewildwest are here to help. We've created 3 deliciously unique homemade edible place cards to not only help your dinner guests' find their seat, but also give them a small taste of what’s ahead.


Home for The Holidays

At Kodiak Cakes, like many others, we enjoy being home for the holidays just as much we love being homemade for the holidays. This week we’re sharing four of our favorite homemade ideas to help bring the holidays home this year!


Happy National Oatmeal Day

National Oatmeal Day is a day to not only enjoy a hot bowl of your favorite flavor oatmeal or mix up a batch of your grandma’s famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but to also recognize the proud legacy oatmeal has had in the history of the American breakfast.


Emily Harrington

With thousands of climbs under her harness, Emily Harrington has turned her passion for scaling mountain faces and conquering peaks into a profession. As our second official #KodiakAthlete, find out how Kodiak Cakes help Emily to reach new heights — literally.


Four Festive Fall Recipes

Stephen and Elise Compston are husband and wife registered dietitians, recipe developers, and the dynamic duo behind Compston Kitchen. Find out four of their favorite festive fall recipes featuring their family’s favorite Kodiak Cakes staples!


5 Halloween Party Recipes

As you start thinking about when to host this year’s costume party, don’t forget to start brainstorming a list of spooky Halloween party food to serve your guests. Here are 5 Halloween party recipes to get you started.


Dorm Room Study Snacks

Juggling a busy schedule is no easy task, and college students often jump from one priority to the next without eating. But healthy study snacks are a must for those getting back in the swing of school. Here are four that you can add to your list of favorites this semester.


Fueling For Endurance Exercise

Over the years of racing bikes, Andrew and Erin have learned that when they don’t fuel their bodies properly, the benefits of all that hard training can go to waste. Here are six of their top tips while training for endurance exercise.


Karissa Schweizer

Introducing professional runner, Karissa Schweizer, Kodiak Cakes first official #KodiakAthlete. We had the chance to sit down with Karissa and discuss not only her impressive career but her diet, daily habits, and some other fun facts.


Adventuring Smart

Bradee Smith has always turned to the mountains to escape the relentless pace of life. Here are four tips that have helped her enjoy the outdoors in a smart and safe manner after the arrival of a global pandemic!


4 DIY Back-To-School Crafts

It’s just about that time of year when you and your cubs need to put together a list of back-to-school supplies to ensure they have a successful school year. Here are four eco-friendly back-to-school items that you and your little ones can make at home!


Off The Grid & On The Menu

Cooking in the outdoors is now simpler than ever using Kodiak Cakes. We've teamed with Megan McDuffie and Michael van Vliet from @freshoffthegrid to show you how to enjoy some of your favorite Kodiak Cakes products outside!


Trail Etiquette 101

Poor trail etiquette makes it harder for others to enjoy the outdoors. While there are many guidelines to follow when it comes to good trail etiquette, here are four quick tips to get started so we can all be better trail stewards.


Confessions of a Mom

Every moment with the kids is worth it, even if every day as a mom may not always be sunshine and daisies. This week we went behind the scenes with four moms to find out some of their funniest confessions.


How do you conquer your frontier?