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Erin riding her bike in the mountains
Mountain Biking

Erin Huck

Boulder, CO

I grew up enjoying all the outdoor activities my state had to offer and was a recreational athlete throughout my early adulthood. And then I found mountain biking and my competitive passion was ignited.



Olympic Appearances

Age 30

First International Race


National Champ Titles


Olympic Dream

Meet Erin Huck

Erin Huck discovered her pull for the outdoors from her hometown of Estes, Colorado. As she explored the adventurous terrain in her own backyard, she found her passion lied with mountain biking. But it wasn’t until she was 30 years old when she started racing competitively.

Erin’s determination and immense focus led her to success on her frontier. While she was working full time to pay the bills, she recalls taking vacation time to compete in races. Eventually her sacrifice paid off and earned a spot on the 2012 World USA Championships. As a current top USA racer, she has her sights set to compete in the 2021 Olympics.

  • 2021 & 2016 Olympic Long List team member
  • 2016 World Championships Competitor, finished 11th
  • 2016 XC and STXC Champion
  • 4x National Champion