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Matty hanging off a cliff looking into the distance

Matty Hong

Boulder, CO

Climbing is 99% failure ... for me failure is just motivation to try again or to do better and learn something new



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Meet Matty Hong

Hooked. Supported. Edge. At first glance, these may seem like climbing terms. But for Matty Hong, these terms marked pivotal moments for his professional career that propelled him to the top. Matty started climbing at a young age as he followed his parents’ example. And from the start he was hooked. The outdoors, moments in the mountain, active lifestyle, he loved it all. There was a time during one of his competitions where he felt the support of his community that really motivated him to pursue his passion.

From there, he went on to accomplish 5.15b sport climb and V.15 boulder. He made the finals in a lead world cup and established first ascents around the world, including multipitch climbing in the Himalaya. He didn’t get to the top without accepting failure. In Matty’s own words, “I’m best friends with failure”. He took the challenges and setbacks and used them as a competitive edge to find success. Now he’s discovered a new passion—photography. This helps him tap into his creativity and wishes to share his experiences to inspire others to seek an adventurous lifestyle.

  • Second Ascent of Flex Luthor (5.15b)
  • Climbed Fight or Flight (5.15b)
  • Climbed La Rambla (5.15a)
  • Directed the 2017 film Break on Through that was featured on Reel Rock 12