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Shalane running on a mountain road

Shalane Flanagan

Portland, OR

I love what running does for me and other people. Every time you go for a run, it allows you to find the best part of yourself



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Meet Shalane Flanagan

Elite runners dream of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Shalane led the pack and became the fastest American woman to cross the finish line with a time of 2.22.02. Cross country athletes dream of competing at the Olympics. Shalane competed four different times and captured a silver medal. Writers, influencers, and teachers dream of leaving their legacy with the written word. Shalane coauthored three best-selling books featuring running and nutrition. Shalane ran toward her dreams and isn’t slowing down.

While the track is behind her, she’s still making strides toward success. She dedicates her life to giving back to the sport she loves; she is a full-time mom, an elite coach for the Bowerman Track Club, and global spokesperson. What’s her secret recipe? We think it lies with her nutrition, which includes Kodiak’s delicious breakfast and snacking options to keep her fueled. Along with her relentless will, of course.

  • Four-time Olympian Participant & Silver Medalist
  • 2017 TCS New York City Marathon Champion
  • World Cross Country Bronze Medalist
  • Third fastest American marathoner in history
  • Fastest American woman to run the Boston Marathon (2.22.02)
  • Three-time New York Time Best-Selling Author