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Healthy Ingredient Swaps

In today's frontier of new and exciting foods, quality ingredients and balanced nutrition are sometimes overlooked and replaced with other sugary or fattening options. That's not to say these options don't have a place in our diet, but if there's anything we love testing in our Kodiak Kitchen, it's ways to give our recipes just a little extra boost of nutrition. 

Have you ever tried using smashed avocado in the place of butter? Or what about applesauce instead of oil? Check out some of our favorite healthy ingredient swaps that we're sure will satisfy folks of all ages. 


Swapping butter for mashed banana or applesauce is an excellent option to help reduce added fat in baked goods like muffins, quick bread, cakes, and cookies. The resulting texture will be cakey and soft. 

Additionally, using mashed avocado or coconut oil in place of butter can provide you with healthy fats and enhance the flavor of your finished product. Avocado is a great butter replacement in brownies since the cocoa disguises its natural green tint, and coconut oil adds a delicious coconut taste and complexity to lighter items such as cookies and muffins.

Eggs & Oil


If you're looking for an egg-free option, you can replace eggs with flax meal. Simply mix 1 tablespoon flax meal and 3 tablespoons water together, let the mixture stand for about 5 minutes to gelatinize, and use in place of one egg as a binder for recipes such as pancakes, muffins, quick bread, and brownies.

For an excellent oil replacement, we suggest you drain, rinse, and purée a can of black beans. Puréed black beans are a perfect addition to brownies. They also add extra fiber and protein to a gooey and chocolatey sweet treat. 



Honey and maple syrup are great replacements for white cane sugar. Because they are a bit sweeter than regular sugar, we suggest using 3/4 cup honey or maple syrup for every 1 cup of sugar.  

Want to put these healthy ingredient swaps to the test? Here are five recipes we've tested in our kitchen already; or try swapping the ingredients in one of your favorite recipes and share it with us on Instagram by tagging @kodiakcakes and #healthyingredientswaps.

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