I began working with Travis as part of Kodiak Cakes Eat Better. Live Better. Program. Travis came to me as a guy who had already lost 165 lbs (yes you read that right) using diet alone. Working full time as a school teacher, he has a demanding schedule in addition to taking care of his two sons. His main goals for the program were to decrease body fat, lose 50 more pounds, and lower his cholesterol. Immediately, I knew what I wanted to instill in Travis: how to modify his current diet methods to get over the “plateau.” Many of us have experienced the hard work it takes to get to a certain weight, and how defeating it feels when it seems you can’t get past it. This is normal. The trick is establishing what your body needs individually in order to break through that stagnant zone. In Travis’s case, we needed to alter his macros and increase his cardio.


Since Travis had been following a calorie restriction and ketogenic diet, he was eating a high percentage of fat and cutting out carbohydrates. This worked for a while, but eventually his metabolism slowed down to accommodate his body’s lack of energy from food, which led him to plateau. In order to rev up his engine and help his body get to the next level of weight loss, we had to change his mindset to start fueling his body for activity using carbohydrates. Travis started fueling for workouts with foods like Kodiak Cakes oatmeal packets or on-the-go cups, and recovering with their high protein muffins or Flapjack & Waffle Mixes. Slowly, Travis started to see some results.

To help keep Travis motivated, I worked with him to stay on track through exercise and a balanced diet. We took it one day at a time, and made adjustments when necessary. He persevered and made some major changes in mindset, which showed in his body composition. Fueling his body for activity not only helped him during exercise but improved his energy throughout his entire day.

“I feel so much better eating carbs! I’m more alert and actually feel good at the gym when before I was struggling to get through each day”


I want to drive home the message that nutrition always comes back to balance; finding the right combination of colorful foods which are full of nutrients instead of unwanted calories. Exercise is also a huge component in breaking through that “plateau” on your weight loss journey. It is essential to fuel your body with energizing foods so you can workout to your full potential, recover effectively, and do it all again tomorrow. Travis did, and continues on his path to reaching the lifestyle and body that he is happy with, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.


Breanne Nalder Harward, MS, RDN, works hard to teach the science of food and how our bodies use nutrients as fuel to achieve optimal performance. She understands that every body is unique and that nutrition needs are individual. Her goal is to help each person she works with modify their lifestyle to reach their goals in ways that they can enjoy and maintain. You can contact Breanne for nutrition advice on Instagram or at

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