3 Kodiak Cakes Recipes to Complete Your Easter Menu

easter menu recipes

Easter is right around the corner which means spring is in full swing! And with all of that spring sunshine and warm weather, there’s no better time to gather your family and friends together to celebrate the holiday. If you’re stressing about what to feed your guests, don’t worry because we’ve put together three recipes to complete your Easter menu so that you can enjoy your holiday, too!

Easter Egg Pancake Breakfast

It wouldn’t be an Easter celebration without decorated eggs, so we are turning pancakes into Easter eggs with our recipe for Easter Egg Pancakes. This recipe begins the same way that you usually make Buttermilk Power Cakes, but before you start cooking, divide your batter into three different bowls. Then, use food coloring to make three different colors of pancake batter to give your Easter egg pancakes some extra Easter flair! Once each bowl of batter is dyed to the color you want, all you have to do is add each color to squeeze bottles so you can easily create colorful, egg-shaped pancakes on a heated and greased griddle. Not only is this a great way to surprise the family on Easter morning, but it’s a great breakfast alternative for the anti-yolk folk!

Veggie & Cheese Tart Dinner Side

When it comes time to pick the perfect side to complement your Easter dinner, you can’t go wrong with our Veggie & Cheese Tart. This recipe brings together some of our favorite springtime vegetables—asparagus, radishes, and watercress—in a whole grain, protein-packed crust made using Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk Power Cakes. Simply add two cups of ricotta cheese and eggs for a healthy, delicious dinner side dish the whole family is sure to love! The best part is this recipe only takes sixty minutes to prepare and thirty minutes to bake, leaving you just enough time to hide some eggs for the holiday Easter egg hunt.

Easter Brownie Trifle Dessert

Don’t be fooled—picking the perfect Easter dessert is no trifling matter. You’re in luck, though, because we’ve got you covered with this Easter Brownie Trifle recipe! We took this traditional English dessert and put a Kodiak Cakes spin on it by replacing sponge cake with our very own Chocolate Fudge Brownies to complement the fresh strawberries and light and fluffy whipped cream. Oh, and for good measure, we (or should we say the Easter Bunny) added chocolate eggs along the top to give this trifle the finishing touch it needs to complete your Easter menu!

Did these recipes make it on your Easter menu? We’d love to see how you’re incorporating Kodiak Cakes into your Easter celebration! Show us how by using #kodiakcakes and tagging @kodiakcakes on Instagram and Facebook. Happy Easter from your Kodiak Cakes family!

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By: Jeff Sorenson | April 16, 2019

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