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Fall Seasonal Topping Ideas

It’s time for another round of seasonal topping ideas for your next stack of flapjacks and waffles. We’ve been hard at work experimenting with a variety of fall favorites to make sure we deliver only the best toppings to complement your Kodiak Cakes. Keep reading to find out what four seasonal recipe combos we’re bringing to your next breakfast plate!

Pear, Fig, & Honey Flapjacks

Fresh pears, figs, and honey are the secret to one of our favorite fall recipes—Pear, Fig, & Honey Flapjacks. Pears and figs are both fibrous fall fruits that help bring a total of 6g of fiber to each serving of flapjacks, which is not only crucial for digestive health, but can also help keep you fuller longer and prevent various diseases. Honey is a fantastic source of antioxidants and is an effective prebiotic that helps nourish good bacteria in the body’s intestines. Together, this trio of ingredients topped over Kodiak Cakes Cinnamon Oat Power Cakes makes for a nourishing breakfast that will help foster good gut health this season.

Pomegranate, Ginger, & Goat Cheese Flapjacks

Goat cheese and flapjacks may seem like an unlikely pair; however, don’t be mistaken – goat cheese is actually the perfect finish to this recipe for Pomegranate, Ginger, & Goat Cheese Flapjacks. Pomegranates and ginger both have a distinct, sweet flavor to complement the smooth taste of goat cheese and wholesome flavor of whole grains from Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk Power Cakes. Each stack of flapjacks is packed with 16g of protein, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties to help keep your heart, joints, and gut healthy

Apple Brown Sugar Power Waffles

Our recipe for Apple Brown Sugar Power Waffles is crafted using Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk & Vanilla Power Waffles and one of our favorite fall fruits—apples. Some consider apples to be one of the healthiest fruits you can eat every day because they pack in nutrition that supports neurological health and reduces your risk for several diseases. We suggest dicing your apple with the skin to ensure you’re getting all of the fiber and antioxidants that apples have to offer.

Pumpkin Flapjacks with Whipped Pumpkin-Maple Butter, Cranberries, & Walnuts

Our list of fall seasonal toppings wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include pumpkin. So, we’re doubling up to make this recipe for Pumpkin Flapjacks with Whipped Pumpkin-Maple Butter, Cranberries, & Walnuts. Not only are you getting the nutritional benefits of pumpkin from Kodiak Cakes Pumpkin Flax Energy Cakes, but also from a dollop of whipped pumpkin-maple butter made using fresh pumpkin puree and pure maple syrup. Top your flapjacks with a few cranberries and walnuts for an extra boost of nutrients that will keep you energized until lunch!

 Do you have a favorite fall topping we haven’t mentioned? Share your ideas with us by tagging @kodiakcakes and using #kodiakcakes in your photos on Facebook and Instagram!

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