Thanks for you interest in supporting Kodiak Cakes, but unfortunately the limited quantity of gift boxes have SOLD OUT for the year.  Look for more exciting things to come to our website in the future.  

Celebrate this holiday season with the gift of Kodiak Cakes! In this gift box, you’ll be able to give the best selection of Kodiak Cakes items as well as exclusive branded items. The recipe cards, tray table, and copper mug can’t be found anywhere else. These boxes are available in a very limited quantity for this holiday season, so don’t waste any time in placing your order! These gifts are perfectly packaged and ready to delight.


Delivery guaranteed before December 25th if ordered by December 10th.


Items Included in Gift Box:

  • 1 box Power Cakes Buttermilk
  • 1 box Superfoods
  • 1 box Power Cakes Dark Chocolate
  • 1 box of Buttermilk and Honey
  • 1 Power Cakes Buttermilk and Maple Flapjack-on-the-go
  • 1 Cinnamon and Maple Flapjack-on-the-go
  • 1 Blueberry and Maple Flapjack-on-the-go
  • 1 10oz. bottle of Forest Berry Syrup
  • 1 12.75”x8.75”x3” Wooden Tray Table 
  • 4 3”x5” Recipe Cards
  • 1 12oz. Copper Mug

This year there will only be 500 gift boxes for sale. We are handcrafting each gift box this year ourselves in our office, so we are limited in the number we can create. If you miss out this year, keep an eye out in 2017 because we are hoping to bring them back! If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at flapjacks@kodiakcakes.com.


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