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Between swimming lessons, soccer practices, and all the fun vacations you undoubtedly have planned this summer, it can be tough to keep enough snacks—let alone healthy ones—around the house. Don’t worry, though, because we round up a list of easy, healthy snacks that are simple to make and perfect for those fun-filled summer days. And, the best part is, all of these recipes take less than 20 minutes to make so you don’t have to miss out on any summer fun—giddy-up!

Primary Children’s Hospital

Primary Children’s Hospital is a not-for-profit children’s hospital located here in Utah. They’ve provided world-class healthcare to kids in need for over 95 years. This year, we were lucky enough to partner with Target to provide Christmas presents to kids spending their holiday in the hospital. Click here to learn more about Primary Children’s mission, make a charitable donation, or volunteer some of your time to help kids and families this holiday season.

Kodiak Bear Buying Gifts for Primary Children's Hospital
Kodiak Cakes serving pancakes at Roots Charter School

Roots Charter School

Roots is a Title I charter school committed to providing youth in our community an authentic, farm-based education. The organization’s alternative approach to education allows kids to “apply knowledge, concepts or skills to solve real-world problems” by working and learning on the school’s farm.

Roots was kind enough to let us visit their campus, cook the students a pancake breakfast, and give all the kids a Kodiak Care kit fully stocked with Kodiak Cakes Mixes and swag! Seeing the school’s hands-on approach to education was nothing short of inspiring. Click here to donate and learn more about Roots and its mission to cultivate an authentic and relevant learning experience for kids.

Surprise & Delight

You don’t have to travel far to help spread Christmas cheer in your community. For us, it was as simple as visiting a local Macey’s grocery store to surprise shoppers by buying their groceries for them at checkout. We even snuck in a few hidden cameras to capture their reactions, and their reactions were priceless!

Kodiak Cakes Surprising Macey's Customers at Checkout

Share How You Care!

We hope we were able to give you some ideas of how to do good and make a difference in your community this holiday season. If you do give back or volunteer, we’d love to hear about it! Share how you care during the holidays by tagging @kodiakcakes on Instagram and Facebook. Happy Holidays from everyone at Kodiak Cakes!