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How Does Kodiak® stack up

Choose a better stack

Wake up to a warm stack of delicious and nutritious flapjacks, where each satisfying bite is full of buttery, sweet flavors combined with sustaining 100% whole grains, protein and fiber. With the leading brands, you’d have to eat 9 flapjacks just to get the same protein as 3 Kodiak Flapjacks. For the same amount of fiber, you’d have to eat 13 of the other guys. That’s nonsense. Ditch the overeating and bloated feeling in the morning and choose a better stack.

Upgrain your breakfast

Branch out with your taste buds and dig into 100% whole grain options. Whether big adventures await, or your adventure is savoring each bite of your breakfast, leave your meal satisfied with nutrient-packed ingredients and comforting flavors.


  • 100% Whole Grains
  • Protein-Packed
  • Fiber-Rich
  • Just add water

1 box of buttermilk power cakes, 1 blueberry flapjack cup, 1 buttermilk and maple flapjack cup for $10 + free shipping

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what the customers are saying

I love Kodiak Cakes! I grew up on boxed pancake mixes. I understand now what all the fuss was about. These are the most delicious pancakes ever.

Don't let the idea of wheat based pancakes scare you away. A friend of mine turned me to these Kodiak Cakes and they are fantastic. They put Aunt Jemima to shame!

P.S. My kid bought a box of Kodiak Pancake mix for me. I have always been an Aunt Jemima Buttermilk pancake lover, but these Kodiak pancakes are DELICIOUS! They are my "go to" pancake mix. Highly recommend!