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5 Tips For Cleaning Your Waffle Iron

A brand-stankin’ new waffle iron sure does make waffles taste extra fresh. But, in reality, we can’t just spring for a new appliance with every use…that’s just silly. Cleaning your waffle iron can be a tedious task, though, so we’re here to give you five tips straight from the Kodiak Kitchen to help you keep your waffle iron in tip top shape. The result? Deliciously fresh waffles Every. Single. Time.

Before we dive in, safety first folks: Refer to the instruction manual because every waffle iron is different and cleaning recommendations may differ. 

OK, now to the good stuff:

Thoroughly heat and add a light coat of oil to your waffle iron before use.

Grab your favorite cooking spray from the pantry and apply an even coat on a warm iron before whipping up those waffles. This helps prevent them from sticking to your iron and creating a waffle mess. 

Cleaning your waffle iron tip: spray with oil before use.

Caution: Don’t dive into cleaning while your iron is hot.

Leave the cleaning for after breakfast and enjoy those delicious waffles before wiping down the iron. Just don’t forget to unplug your machine before digging in!

Cleaning your waffle iron tip: wait for your hot iron to cool.

Wield your washcloth with ease.

Take a slightly damp wash cloth and wipe away any oil residue or leftover waffle bits. 

  • Pro Tip 1: DO NOT use any harsh cleaning materials to scrub the iron clean. This could cause scratching and make your iron looked worn down and well-used. 
  • Pro Tip 2: DO NOT submerge your waffle iron in water. Electrical appliances under water are dangerous and a no-go. 

Cleaning your waffle iron tip: use a damp wash cloth to wipe away oil residue or waffle bits.

Watch those stubborn waffle bits disappear into the sunset.

Try adding a couple drops of cooking oil to your waffle iron, let it soak up the bits for 5 minutes, then wipe clean. 

Cleaning your waffle iron tip: use a few drops of oil for those stubborn waffle bits.

Add the final touches.

Take a toothpick to the nook and crannies. Meticulous cleaning is key, but it shouldn’t take too long. 

Cleaning your waffle iron tip: take a toothpick to the nook and crannies.

Now that you’re waffle iron is clean as a whistle, it’s time to put it to good use. Here’s three crave-worthy waffle recipes dishes to get you started. 

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