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Over the Fire Cooking with Sarah Glover

Meals cooked over the campfire really elevate the outdoor experience. But are you someone who may not be as confident when it comes to campfire cooking? Don’t fret, we’ve teamed up with Barebones and open-fire expert, Sarah Glover, to help make over-the-fire cooking less intimidating.

Keep reading to discover Sarah's top 5 tips for campfire cooking so you confidently make a delicious meal over the crackling flames on your next camping trip.

Sarah Glover’s Top 5 Tips for Campfire Cooking


1. Build your fire correctly

Source slow-burning wood (oak and hickory are great) and good kindling (you can usually forage this). Think carefully about the best spot to build; a pre-dug pit or cast-iron fire pit are excellent as they shelter from the wind. Aim to start your fire around one hour before cook time; once the wood has burned down to coals, you're ready.

2. Meal plan to the max

Out in the wild, you can't pop over to the shops, and you might not have all your fancy utensils on hand. Check, then double-check your ingredient list and see what you can prep beforehand. Kodiak’s pre-made mixes are a great product to take the pressure off. I also recommend pre-marinating in a zip lock bag. (Who woulda thought you could marinate in your backpack while hiking to your camping spot!?)

3. Gear up

It's about quality, not quantity here. A good quality cast iron pan with a lid means you've got a frying pan, a saucepan, and a Dutch oven. Good knives, a chopping board, a spatula, a spoon, and enamelware are everything you need for cooking outdoors.

4. Invite your mates

There's something about campfire cooking that creates connection and compels people to dish out some good stories. A campfire draws people together, removes them from technology, and helps them focus on nature and each other. (Plus, if you cook, then they're on wash-up duty.)

5. Don't underestimate bread on a stick

Sometimes it's the simpler recipe that shines with this type of cooking. One of my all-time faves (and crowd-pleasers) is a simple bread dough on a stick. Just make a basic dough, add a bit of cheese, garlic, olive oil, and salt, wrap around a stick and rotate in the fire. The smoky flavors will do the rest.

Got more tips? Share 'em with us on Instagram by tagging @kodiakcakes

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