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New year new you, right?

Did you know a whopping 80% of people abandon their New Year's goals by February? It’s no easy feat. But we’re gonna help get you into that 20% who stick to their goals. 

SO, let’s think: 

“Why is this year going to be different?”

The exciting part about the new year is we’re full to the brim with new found motivation. It’s like waking up to the Rocky soundtrack on repeat before the sun rises. But that motivation only lasts so long. 

The main ingredient is discipline

While motivation is the yummy trail mix, the Calvin Harris playlist, the giddiness of conquering a steep mountain; discipline is the actual drive to the trailhead — the fact that you held yourself accountable, got in the damn car and physically drove yourself there. 

This year will be different. We know it will. 

Check out how a few disciplined climbers at Boulderfest SLC have weathered the uphill battle and conquered the chalky storm. 

Boulderfest 2022

In December, our bear squad joined Kodiak athletes and other members of the community at Boulderfest, an all-day celebration of climbing taking place at the Bouldering Project in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. 

While serving fresh flapjacks, we sat down with some climbers who put hard work and discipline to the test. 

“Anything that makes me nervous is intriguing,” said Kodiak Athlete and professional climber Quinn Mason. “I’m here to push my boundaries and challenge myself,” Mason stated about the competition. 

Quinn Mason is among three hundred other athletes who entered into the competition, including men and women and those of varying skill levels. 

“Usually climbing competitions split up men and women,” said Mason. “But at Boulderfest, I’m able to try some hard boulders and climb against men and women.” 

Unlike Steve Rogers — aka Captain America (aka America's ass for you Marvel fans)-- Quinn Mason didn’t just wake up with superhuman strength. After years of hard work, Mason’s discipline led her to compete at a high level. 

But not every climber at Boulderfest is a pro. Most competitors are recreational climbers who are up for a challenge. 

“I love being in an environment with people who are stronger than me,” said Haley Pierce, a climber of six years who has competed in around 20 competitions. “It makes me come back harder time after time,” said Pierce as she fueled up with a flapjack from the Kodiak tent. 

You heard that right. 20 competitions later and Haley Pierce is still going strong. 

It takes real grit to come back time after time to compete when the level is higher than your own. Pierce’s motivation to come back harder every time is made possible with her discipline to keep chalking up. 

She shows up for herself. Every. Single. Time. 

Finding Discipline

Sometimes discipline arises from winning a prize, like the sick yeti coolers or massive Kodiak skillets as seen at Boulderfest. 

Other times, it’s the comfort of a warm bowl of Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal right after a brisk morning run, or a hot cup of joe after rising early to crush all your errands before noon (that’s rockstar status, btw).

Take two college kids from the University of Utah for example. They started climbing in July of 2022 and competed in their first climbing competition out of curiosity.  

“We’re really just here to see how we do, try something new, and see if we can win some prizes,” said Freshman Emerson Hagy and Asa Rexford. 

Got something you’ve been wanting to try?

Go for it full send, and don’t look back. But remember you gotta put in the work every day to see big results.

Hard Work Pays Off

What a great saying… with only one exception. 

Hard work means you are disciplined enough – and capable – to do the work day in and day out.

But everyone’s hard work looks different (as it should). 

For Boulderfest employee Nathan Baldry, hard work is staying at the gym after hours and late into the night to get the competition ready for the climbers. 

“Watching all the climbers is the most rewarding part,” said Baldry. “We put so much time and effort into the event so it’s really fulfilling to see the final product.” 

After two short weeks of dedication and hard work, Baldry is able to see it all pay off. 

Two weeks! Imagine what you can accomplish in that short time. 

Maybe you’re able to go from running one mile to three miles without stopping. Or you begin your discipline streak with a heartier breakfast because it gives you the long-lasting energy needed to take-on the day ahead. 

Seriously, the possibilities are endless. 


Setting your goals


Grab a pen and paper. Or honestly just open the notes app on your phone. 

Either way, we encourage you to ponder…How are you going to make this year different from the last? 

Whether you are a pro climber or rising early to tackle your errands before noon, it all takes discipline. Have the discipline to challenge yourself, and to accomplish your goals just like all the climbers at Boulderfest. 

And with that we leave you with one final question…

What WILL you accomplish this year when you stay disciplined to your goals? 


We want to cheer you on as you accomplish your goals this year. Keep us posted along the journey by tagging @kodiakcakes and #kodiakcakes on Instagram.

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