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Alex Howes racing up a road on his bike

Alex Howes

Golden, CO

The beautiful thing about bikes is, it's kind of like flying ... you realize how quickly, how far you can go. It's all under your own power, so, that's freedom



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Meet Alex Howes

10,000 feet. Now 12,000 feet and climbing. Riding at altitude is just an average day in the saddle for Alex Howes. Being born and raised in Colorado, Alex learned the demanding conditions that the unforgiving mountains present, and how to navigate them successfully. His relentless hunger for success– and extreme focus on nutrition– makes Alex that perfect addition to our Kodiak Team.

Alex’s hunger to conquer the mountain is shown in everything he does. After competing in the Tour De France and Giro d’Italia he was sidelined due to a Thyroid disease in 2018. This roadblock didn’t buck Alex off the bike for long. In 2019, he was back on the path and pedaled through to become the US National Road Racing Champion. With each mountain gearing Alex for a new peak and a bountiful of lessons, this champion emphasizes nutrition and hydration as a leading factor in his races. From summit to summit Alex grips one key tenet tightly: long days in the saddle require lots of fuel.

  • 2014 USA Pro Challenge, 2017 Colorado Classic, 2017 Tour of Alberta, won stages
  • 2019 US Road Race Champion
  • 2022 Crossed the finish at Milano - Torino, Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali, Life Time Grand Prix
  • 2x Tour de France Finisher