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Dutch Oven Cooking with Kodiak & Barebones

Way back when, frontier men and women didn’t have time for expensive kitchen gadgets, Sunday morning farmers markets, or space for a four-burner stove. But if there’s one piece of cookware that made the frontier easier, it’s a cast-iron Dutch oven. These versatile, cast-iron pots have stood the test of time and remain a traditional kitchen favorite today.

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5 Tips for Dutch Oven Cooking & Baking

Dutch ovens can help turn simple meals into everyday delicacies full of the nutrients needed to take on the day. Here's five of our top tips for cooking with a Dutch oven and two of our favorite Dutch oven recipes right from our Kodiak Kitchen.

  1. Season your cast iron Dutch oven before use if it doesn’t already come pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking. To season, coat your clean Dutch oven – inside and out – with cooking oil and bake at 450°F for one hour. To further prevent sticking, always coat the oven with plenty of oil or butter before cooking. 

  2. When cooking indoors with a Dutch oven, begin over as gas stove to sauté your veggies and finish your meal in the oven (don’t forget to place your Dutch oven over a baking sheet). *Note: we do not recommend this method unless you have a gas range.

  3. When baking or braising in a Dutch oven at a campsite, we suggest using coals as your heat source. Always space coals evenly around the top and bottom of the Dutch oven to regulate heat. When sautéing, pan frying, or boiling in a Dutch oven, we suggest using fire as your heat source. 

  4. For recipes with high moisture, such as bread pudding, set the Dutch oven up on a trivet or space coals further away from the bottom of the oven for a slower cooking process, which will allow more moisture retention in the finished product.  

  5. Use the Dutch oven like a slow cooker, cooking low and slow with aromatic herbs and spices to achieve optimal flavor and moisture. 

Share your favorite Dutch oven cooking tips & recipes with us by tagging @kodiakcakes and @barebonesliving on Instagram!

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