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How can I participate in Kodiak KIW?

You can vote on during Fat Bear Week from October 4-10. Kodiak is donating 10 cents per vote up to $100,000 to the Vital Ground Foundation's grant-making program that helps support bears and their habitat in Katmai, Alaska. 

What is fat bear week?

It's a single-elimination tournament where you can vote for which grizzly bear (located in Alaska) is the fattest. Bears are bulking up for hibernation, requiring a vibrant ecosystem to support their weight gain. The more pounds they pack, the better their chance of thriving. 

This community participation format aims to spread awareness about the weight bears have on a healthy ecosystem and Katmai's mission to conserve and preserve their land.

What are the dates for Fat Bear Week?

October 4-10.

Will there be a product drop during this Kodiak KIW?

Yes, you can access limited-edition gear through our website, where 100% of the proceeds will go to The Vital Ground Foundation and their support of bear and land conservation.  

How long will the Kodiak KIW collection be available for purchase?

It's first come, first serve! This limited-edition Kodiak KIW gear will be available until supplies last.

Can I get my order shipped internationally?

Right now, we only ship to the US. Standard shipping rates and delivery timing apply.

Can I get notified early about the next product drop?

We're glad you asked, yes! Join our VIP text list to get access to all things Kodiak KIW.

Are there any returns or exchanges of these products?

All sales on Kodiak KIW gear are final.

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We're donating 10 cents per vote up to $100,000 on to The Vital Ground Foundation's grant-making program to support bear and land conservation in Katmai, Alaska. We're also donating 100% of Kodiak® Keep It Wild(TM) gear sales to bear and land conservation. All sales are final (no returns or exchanges).

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