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Why The Bear?

Bears are recognized by conservationists as a keystone species.
When bears settle into a habitat, it is a sign of a healthy, vibrant ecosystem
with plenty of food to forage and space to wander.


Staying small has its perks

We feel a kinship with these bears because, to us, a pantry stocked with real, nourishing food is the sign of a healthy family leading an active life. It’s part of the reason we’re called Kodiak Cakes.

Every year we donate a portion of our profits to conservation efforts, spearheaded by organizations like Vital Ground. We’re dedicated to encouraging healthy ecosystems, be it in your kitchen or wherever the frontier still thrives.

Bonanza Flat

The Race To Save.

Located near our home in Park City, Utah, Bonanza Flat is 1,350 acres of open mountain meadows, stands of quaking aspen, and countless wildflowers. When the area came under threat of development, we jumped (or ran) at the opportunity to help preserve this area.

By partnering with Park City Trail Series, we sponsored a 5K trail race that raised $10,000 that went towards the purchase of the area. We feel privileged to have played some part in the collective effort to create what has become known as the Bonanza Flat Conservation Area.