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We like to keep things simple in our Kodiak Kitchen to help make cooking delicious food easy for everyone. But there are a few things we like to have readily on hand at all times. Check out which kitchen gadgets we can’t live without at Kodiak Cakes.


If you make flapjacks or waffles often, which we do, you know that it can’t be done properly without a whisk. That’s because whisks help to create a smooth, lump-free batter. We prefer to use a dough whisk, especially for flapjacks. Dough whisks have a thick wire that loops around itself to form two loops. This unique design prevents over-mixing, while allowing you to reach hidden flour pockets and incorporate them back into the batter.


While a good ‘ole fashioned stack of flapjacks can certainly be cooked in a pan, griddles allow you to cook multiple flapjacks at the same time – which is key for us at Kodiak Cakes when we consistently feed our whole team on Flapjack Friday. Electric griddles, in particular, are our favorite because they allow for even and consistent cooking, which means we don’t have to worry about undercooked pancakes that look burnt on the outside! Additionally, having a nonstick griddle is crucial. As long as our griddle is nonstick and clean of any other food debris, we rarely need to spray the surface with oil to prevent sticking.



At Kodiak Cakes, we don’t like any food to go to waste. While cooking, we’ve found that any leftover batter along the bottom and sides of a bowl could be used to make another muffin, cookie, flapjack, or waffle. Rubber spatulas help us to scrape every last bit of batter off the bowl and onto the griddle, muffin tin, or baking sheet so we can make even more. Rubber spatulas are also the perfect tool for folding add-in’s, like chocolate chips or blueberries, into batters without the risk of over-mixing them.


Non-stick spatulas are necessary for flipping flapjacks without making a mess, unless you're a pro at flipping flapjacks in a frying pan that is. Not only that, but non-stick spatulas are also safe to use on your griddle without scratching it up. At Kodiak Cakes, we prefer a spatula that is strong and sturdy to allow more control when scooping underneath a flapjack to turn it over.



Besides having a good knife on hand to dice up our favorite fruits to pile over a stack of Kodiak Cakes, you might be wondering what a knife has to do with cooking flapjacks or waffles. But, the truth is, our Kodiak Kitchen’s recipe book is full of recipes for any occasion — many of which require the use of a knife. We believe there are three important knives every cook should invest in: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. The chef's knife, however, will always be our most loved kitchen tool. Using a high-quality, sharp chef's knife will help keep you safe in the kitchen. In fact, most knife-related accidents occur as a result of a dull knife slipping off a piece of fruit or vegetable.

What kitchen gadgets can you not live without? Share your favorites with us on social media by tagging @kodiakcakes.

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