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Innovation at Kodiak

The Kodiak Research and Development (R&D) team constantly explores new ways to bring elevated nourishment for your daily adventures. Innovation begins with sourcing great tasting, high-quality ingredients such as whole grains and protein. To ensure that an ingredient meets our standards, we thoroughly examine each specification like clean ingredient lists, non-GMO verifications, present allergens, and Kosher certifications. Whole wheat flour, whole oats and whole oat flour are the base to almost all of Kodiak’s formulas so you’re getting the quality nutrients you need to conquer your frontier.

After all ingredients arrive to the Park City lab, the process gets pretty tasty! Our team works together to make prototypes for each project with the goal being elevated nutrition that tastes delicious. And it’s safe to say our teammates are always at the ready to taste new products and assist with dialing in the flavor and texture.    

One of the most common roadblocks we encounter in formulation is that the taste or texture do not meet our expectations. For instance, if a whole wheat flour gives a gritty or grainy texture, the R&D team can adjust the grind of the wheat kernel to create comforting flavors and textures that everyone can enjoy. 

The R&D team is always exploring new ingredients, flavors, and trends. Ideas can come from anywhere, so don’t hesitate to send recommendations our way at, or by sending us a DM on Instagram (@kodiakcakes).  You never know, your idea might just turn into a new Kodiak favorite on the grocery store shelves!

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