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Together we can make meal prep magic.

Meal prep can help save you time, money, and offer more balance in your diet. Plus, I think we can all agree that’s it’s real satisfying to open the fridge and discover delicious dishes at the ready.

But, meal prepping isn’t as aesthetic as social media makes it out to be. It’s lowkey overwhelming and a little daunting. That’s why we’ve come to your “meal-prepping” rescue with some easy peasy lemon squeezy tips.

Let’s get you started – Kodiak style.

  • Start with one meal a day. Becoming a meal-prep master overnight is a lofty goal; and honestly, prepping three meals a day from the get-go may not be sustainable initially. You gotta walk before you run, right? So, start with one meal a day and work your way to three. This can help prevent burnout and motivate you to stick with your meal-prep goals. 
  • Prep from your pantry. Who knew your grocery store could be so close? Your very own pantry can inspire meal prep ideas and – bonus – if you look all the way in the back, you can incorporate foods you may have forgotten you even had. BOOM, you just saved money.  
  • Load up major food groups.  The key to successful meal prep is balance, because you’ve got to feel satisfied after you eat. Take care to include foods that hit different categories of the food pyramid to balance out each meal and help keep you feeling full, longer. Kodiak is a great start, with 100% whole grains and added protein in every bite to help provide the nourishment needed to take on your epic adventures. 
  • Keep it simple. No need to overthink it – meal prepping doesn’t require crazy planning and shopping. Sometimes, the perfect meal only needs five ingredients or less.  

On that note, let’s kick your meal-prep into high gear with some delicious and easy Kodiak recipes.


Breakfast sets the tone for your big day. Meal prep this super easy Double Chocolate Overnight Oats recipe that packs in the nourishment you need even when you’re rushing out the door. Trust us, a good breakfast = an epic start to your day.  


Whether you’re in between meetings, running errands, or catching a quick bike ride up the mountain, this Pizza Waffles recipe is easy to prep so you can heat it and eat it whenever the lunch bell rings (figuratively or not).  


Enjoy our Kodiak-take on a comforting classic — Pigs in a Blanket. While the directions may say serve immediately, prep these puppies (or should we say piglets?) ahead of time, store in the refrigerator overnight, or in the freezer for a few days. When you’re ready, just heat ‘em up and add your favorite condiments for a delicious end to a big day. 


Need to curb those mid-day cravings? Kodiak has several balanced snack options that fit right in your pocket – literally. Savor lip-smacking flavors like peanut butter chocolate chip, s’mores, cookie butter, chocolate, and more.  

What do you think – pretty easy, right? Meal prepping could be your simple and delicious fix to a hectic week. And, when you’ve got Kodiak in your corner you get the taste and nourishment needed for an epic day!  

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