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Why is Breakfast Important?

Imagine facing your day with a growling stomach and dwindling energy; it's like eating flapjacks without maple syrup — it just doesn’t feel right. But did you know a quarter of Americans skip breakfast? That’s almost as scary as bleached white flour!

Here at Kodiak, we believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with the right fuel and some expert advice, you’ll be on your way to an epic adventure.

Breakfast sets the table for a whole lotta big moments. Just think of your favorite days filled with long walks with your dog, adventures to new places, time when you got out of your comfort zone, and everything in between — it all starts here, with a well-balanced breakfast.


Breakfast Hacks For A Better Morning

Breakfast isn't just a meal, it's the start of an epic journey. That's why it's essential to fuel up with the real, good-for-you stuff. So, we’re serving up three irresistible reasons to never skip it, plus clever tips to effortlessly weave it into your morning.

1. Supercharge Your Metabolism with Breakfast

When you help rev your metabolism with a hearty breakfast, your body can start burning calories early instead of just storing them. (Baylor, Scott, White Health)

Tip: For those hectic mornings when breakfast is the last thing on your mind, grab something quick - yet nourishing - like our easy-to-prep the night before Raspberry Lemon Muffins. They pack a hearty serving of whole grains and protein for a breakfast that is as on-the-go as you are!

2. Boost Your Brain Power With Breakfast

A morning meal can sharpen your focus and memory, essential for a productive day whether at work or play. (Baylor, Scott, White Health)

Tip: When you’re on the hunt for a quick boost at breakfast, try our Kodiak Cups. Just a minute in the microwave, and you've got a wholesome, protein-packed meal with no cleanup needed. 

3. Healthy Eaters Start with Breakfast

Surprise! Many breakfast eaters tend to be healthier, soaking up vital nutrients like calcium, zinc, and iron. (Baylor, Scott, White Health) Angie Asche, RD, emphasizes this point adding that, “B vitamins are essential for energy production and metabolism, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, and magnesium plays a role in bone health and muscle function.”

Tip: Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier to get some “me time” and a hot, energizing breakfast like oatmeal, flapjacks, or waffles. It’s a hearty meal that won’t take long, but still fuels you up with the good stuff.

Takeaway: Don't Skip Breakfast!

Now that breakfast is at the forefront of your morning, it’s time to find the fuel that fits for you. We’ve got a full pantry of options and a catalog of recipes to accommodate your taste buds, and your time! Life can be a fast-moving adventure, so make your breakfast ritual a moment you enjoy.

What breakfast tips would you add to our list? Share them with us on social media by tagging @kodiakcakes!

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