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7 Protein-Packed Ways to Elevate Your Stack

Did you know that the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein for adults is 0.8 grams per kilogram body weight per day — and active individuals and athletes may require even more? Breakfast is at the forefront of your protein-packed day, setting the tone for whatever is thrown your way. Which is why fueling up with a Kodiak breakfast means you're not just enjoying a quick and convenient meal – you're also giving your body a serious protein boost to kickstart your epic day.

But what really takes your Power Cakes to the next level? It's all about the protein-packed toppings and mix-ins that add not only flavor but also the nutrition your body needs. Nuts and seeds, Greek yogurt, turkey bacon, and eggs are only a few of many options that give your morning stack that extra punch of protein.  

Our Kodiak Kitchen has done the hard work, testing out various options to give you the lowdown on the protein content, taste, and texture of seven protein-packed toppings and mix-ins. Here's what we found: 

Texture and taste make a difference

When you’re craving a soft, fluffy, and nostalgic buttermilk flapjack breakfast, using milk is the way to go. While also elevating your mix to 17g of protein per serving, whole milk gives your flapjacks a slightly sweeter taste, as non-fat milk tends to highlight the sourness of buttermilk ever so slightly.

Double digits in every serving

Boost your protein-packed stack with some plain non-fat greek yogurt. But just because it’s plain doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste delicious mixed in with Kodiak Buttermilk Power Cakes for a soft and fluffy texture that’ll have you coming back for seconds. A 1/2 cup of yogurt delivers a whopping 10g of protein, so your 17g of protein stack (already counting one egg and whole milk) just turned into a 27g of protein stack. Now that’s anything but plain.  

Make it savory

Fact: Adding an egg and milk to your batter elevates the amount of protein in your stack. But, have you ever considered adding a savory egg on top? Well, we see the addition of 6g of protein and a whole lotta flavor in your breakfast future. Load up with some everything but the bagel seasoning, salt and pepper, and – if you're feelin’ spicy – add some hot honey for a little extra kick!  

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia seeds

Who knew these little guys could pack in so many benefits? Chia seeds offer 4 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons, helping you feel satisfied longer and promoting digestive health (Mayo Clinic). There are several recipes that use chia seeds to help you take-in all the benefits from this powerful seed. Our favorite? Mixing them into our Kodiak flapjacks or waffles, of course.   

Protein-packed meets better-for-you breakfast

Craving a greater protein bang for your breakfast? Non-fat cottage cheese packs 15 grams of protein into 1/2 cup. Simply add your desired amount to your batter (or as a topping) and BOOM! You have a fluffy stack that brings a moist and soft texture with the addition of protein, vitamins, and other wholesome benefits. (

Some like it smooth, others crave a crunch

Every morning sparks new adventures, including the wild ride of choosing your desired texture or crunch level. If you’re craving a smooth consistency opt in for a nut butter pour that adds healthy fats (Web MD) and a satisfying salty taste to your sweet stack. But, if you prefer a wholesome crunch, go for some nuts and seeds as a mix-in. The best part about either option is the addition of protein, boosting your stack to meet your morning goals — and satiating your hunger growl.  

The ultimate breakfast: Protein-Packed Dunkers

A stack that sizzles on the griddle is at its finest when you add bacon to the mix—literally. Placing some Turkey Bacon into your flapjacks adds a subtle saltiness that blends deliciously when dunked in syrup. Plus, each serving of turkey bacon adds 6 grams of protein which not only satisfies your taste buds but ensures a hearty meal that can keep you fuller, longer.  

Moral of the story: You Can’t Go Wrong

Whether you choose nuts, seeds, bacon, or cottage cheese, every bite is packed with a punch of protein for a meal that sticks. And with Kodiak in your corner, you’ll never go without a hearty meal that you can trust is packed with 100% whole grains, protein, and downright delicious flavor. The power of choice is yours. Just remember, your every day can be as protein-packed and as epic as you want!

What protein-packed toppings (or mix-ins) do you prefer on your flapjacks or waffles? Share your tips and tricks with us on Instagram by tagging @kodiakcakes! And if you need ideas, our recipe catalog is full of creative ways to help you transform your mix. Check it out!

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