Family Recipe

Kodiak Cakes began in 1982 when Penny Clark sent her 8-year-old son into the neighborhood with a red wagon full of paper bags that were filled with her father’s heirloom flapjack mix and simple instructions written on the bags. He returned with an empty wagon and lifelong plans.

Joel Clark and Brown Paper Lunch Sacks
A Company

Made By Hand

Though we’ve grown, we’ve remained family-owned and we still make each new product as if we were crafting a delicious family recipe to share with our friends and neighbors.

Home, Sweet Home

Our team works and lives in the shadow of the beautiful Wasatch mountain range. Surrounded by wide-open spaces and unblemished pockets of frontier, we’re constantly inspired to spend our weekends exploring and protecting our home.

Work With Us

Keeping The Wilderness Wild

Sustainability isn’t just about sourcing ingredients responsibly. There’s a great outdoors out there that we’d love to keep, well, wild.

Learn why we’re committed to preserving grizzly bear habitats and other vital pockets of wilderness.

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