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Blake Paul

Jackson Hole, WY

I'm inspired by my peers and mentors around me that have made their passion their job, don't take life too seriously, and have fun in any situation.



Slush Magazine Cover


Vans Snowboarding videos

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Natural Selection Revelstoke


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Meet Blake Paul

When you grow up in Jackson, Wyoming, mentored by snowboarding greats like fellow TNF athlete Mark Carter and Jackson Hole legend Bryan Iguchi, it’s easy to see how Blake Paul earned the nickname, the “Backcountry Prince”. He honed his backcountry knowledge, technical skills, and unique, casual style at an early age, and has been progressing at the forefront of snowboarding ever since. His ability to tackle all types of terrain while always making snowboarding look fun certainly helps his cause, but the 29-year-old Vermont-born, surfer, skateboarder, and occasional artist and writer also wins over the snowboard world with his personality and attitude. In a 2018 interview with Snowboarder magazine, the writer called Blake well-spoken, attentive and insightful. Plus, his Instagram clips and edits are some of the best in the business.

Blake’s first footage showed up in the 2011 film Manifest, thanks to his late friend and mentor, Aaron Robinson. In 2014, Blake landed a standout section in the film Go: A Snowboard Road Trip and nabbed the cover of TransWorld SNOWboarding by age 20. The following year, with footage spanning huge backcountry jumps in Jackson, to steep natural terrain in Canada, he scored the opening segment of Snowboarder’s award-winning film, Foreward. He then starred in several of Van’s full-length films including, Landline, Together Forever, Evergreen, and Elles, as well as The North Face’s Pulp, in which Blake’s fluid, yet explosive style takes the stage on 16mm film. Recently Blake took the invitation to compete on The Natural Selection Tour, where his light-footed flow and stylish tricks awed viewers, soon becoming a favorite to watch. You can check out his popular iPhone compilation videos as well as his most recent solo part titled Yesterday on Youtube. With over two decades of riding and thirty video projects under his belt, Blake has dedicated time to circle the globe from Alaska to Chamonix to document and live his passion. Constantly evolving as a snowboarder but always keeping things authentic and fun, Blake consistently produces footage that excites people to get out and ride.

  • Slush Mag Cover
  • Natural Selection Revelstoke 2nd place
  • Vans Snowboarding videos
  • 10 plus video parts