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6 Burning Customer Questions to Get to Know Kodiak Better

Did you know our customer support team answers hundreds of questions, comments, and concerns every day?! They’re the big guys behind the computers, responding at lightning speed so that you get your questions answered pronto. 📫

That deserves a standing ovation — or a mean stack of waffles.

And they’ve let us in on a little secret 🤫... our team often see the same types of questions over and over again. So, we’re addressing six of your most asked questions — in a fun, informative, and extremely witty way.

Why does Kodiak taste so healthy?  


We prefer the term “better-for-you”.  

In all seriousness, we try our best to avoid using certain ingredients you often find in other convenient breakfast products that just don’t meet our standards. 

Why? Because we want to leave room for the real good stuff that gets you pumped to live an epic day. Stuff like 100% whole grains and a whole lotta protein.  

Whole grains are loaded with hearty nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein that fuel you and help to keep you fuller, longer. 🌾 With these types of real ingredients, your day becomes more epic, wide open, and extremely satisfying.  

Altogether, we believe breakfast should be an experience to look forward to. Our solution? Untamed flavor. We have options that range from nostalgic, original Buttermilk to wildly delicious Blueberry. So, we highly recommend exploring different mixes before deciding which flavor suits your taste buds best.  

And... if kids love our products, how healthy can they really taste? 


How can I tailor my flapjacks or waffles to my taste preference?  


There are a lot of different options to spice up your stack depending on your cravings. 

Adding spices or extracts to your batter, like cinnamon or vanilla extract, add a kick of flavor to your breakfast or snack. And there are always scrumptious toppings like syrup, honey, jam, butter, or anything else you can think of, to ensure delicious and sweet satisfaction with every bite.


I’m tired of pancakes and waffles. Is there something else I could make with my mix? 


Is there? IS THERE? You better believe it!  

On the back of your flapjack & waffle mix box you’ll find some “wow-my-stomach-is-growling-these-sound-good” kind of recipes. From muffins, cookies, banana bread, and even cupcakes, our crave-worthy products do more than you’d think.

Even more, we have hundreds of recipes on our website that are sure to satisfy your cravings! We’ve conjured up hamburger buns, crepes, sandwich wraps, pizza, and tons of other delicious meals and snacks using our mix. You can even search recipes by "meal type" or by specific products already in your pantry! 

What’s great about Kodiak® Power Cakes® Mix, and what some even consider a "Kodi-hack," is that you can almost treat it like regular flour. Which means you can level-up your family's favorite meal and they won't even realize they're reaping the benefits from whole grains and protein.

Boom. That’s a huge win for parents. 👊


Can kids eat Kodiak?  


Since Kodiak is created for humans, and children are humans — some even borderline wild things — Kodiak products are safe for all human consumption. ✅

BUT, some kiddos have different dietary needs and allergies than others. For our gluten free and vegan families, we have options for you on our website and in-stores. Even more, checkout our online recipe catalogue where we've shared both gluten-free and plant-based recipes using our mixes that make for some delicious breakfast or snacks that work with you or your loved one’s diet.

If you or your family member has an allergy, you should refer to the specific ingredient listed on each Kodiak product package, as well as the label's allergen statement for the most up-to-date information on Kodiak products.

Many consumers have questions about the recommended amount of protein for kids versus for adults. For your child’s safety, we always recommend checking with their pediatrician if you have any concerns about feeding them Kodiak products. And, while we aren’t experts, here’s a resource that may he helpful when researching questions regarding protein and children (Health Choc).

Kodiak Cubs™ Frozen Adventure Waffles and Kodiak Cubs™ Adventure Flapjacks have less protein than our other products like Power Cakes® Flapjack & Waffle Mix or Frozen Power ® Waffles, and might make a great alternative for your family if you’re seeking lower amounts of protein. 

And of course, if your research does not give you a confident answer, please reach out to a medical professional!


Can I feed Kodiak products to my furry friend? 


Not unless you want your pets to turn into Kodiak bears. 🐻

Just kidding.

Kodiak products are not formulated for consumption by animals. We may have a bear on our box, but we are not vet experts. So, please check with your vet before feeding any “human food” to your furry family members.


What are the ‘Natural Flavors” used in some of your products?


To cut right to the chase, our natural flavors are any flavors that come from a spice, fruit, vegetable, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material or other natural product. Natural flavors are found in many food products and must comply with the FDA’s definition of a “natural flavor." 🌱 


What other crucial questions do you want more clarification on?


Checkout our FAQ page if you’re interested in learning even more. And, as always, you can message us directly on social media or email us anytime at with questions! 

If you’re craving an adventure filled with mouth-watering recipes, new products, and epic content, follow us on Instagram at @kodiakcakes and join our VIP list to get first dibs and Kodiak’s hottest deals.  

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