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The physical and mental stamina to complete an ultramarathon requires incredible patience and persistence, and it’s something that professional ultrarunner, Courtney Dauwalter, has in her blood. Courtney has seen it all, from battling extreme temperatures, bounding over technical terrain, and conquering massive elevation gain (and loss) in just a couple of days. She’s run for hours on end with little food and hardly any sleep. In 2017, she not only won the Moab 240 Endurance Run, but she also finished more than 10 hours before her fellow runners. The most amazing part of it all is the smile she wears throughout every race. Despite the challenges along the way, the fun experiences she gains with each event keep her coming back for more.

With family supporting her along the way and a healthy serving of candy, nachos, and a stack of flapjacks, the strides our newest #KodiakAthlete has made in the ultrarunning community over the years will go down in history. Help us welcome Courtney to the Kodiak family!

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