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Summertime opens the door to an endless number of fun summer activities to help you enjoy the great outdoors. Now, before you say it’s too hot to go outside, take a minute to check out our five favorite summer activities. Don’t worry, two of them involve water to help keep you cool while you’re out in the summer sun. Whether you choose to enjoy these activities alone or with the entire family, we can guarantee you will have fun! So, grab your sunnies and start reading for some ideas about what to do on your next summer adventure!


We don’t know how the weather is where you are, but summer temperatures here in Park City, Utah can climb into the triple digits. This makes water-based activities all the more appealing when you still want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. That’s why river kayaking is up there as one of our favorite outdoor summer activities when the temperature climbs sky high. If you’ve never been kayaking on a river before, be sure to seek out a slow-moving river with class I rapids and always wear a life jacket. Better yet, pair up with a local expert to help steer you through rough water, dangerous obstacles, and ensuring you will have all the safety gear you’ll need to have fun and get home safe! Not sure if the river is your go-to spot? Renting a kayak to take out on your local lake is another great option when you’re just learning the basics of paddling. Either way, don’t forget to pack snacks – like this recipe for Bear Bites Trail Mix – and plenty of water.


If you’re ready to take your favorite hike to the next level, we challenge you to pick up the pace to a jog or run. Trail running is different than road running in several ways. For starters, it is easier on your joints simply because you are trading a hard, concrete surface for softer terrain that reduces the impact on your lower body. Trail running will also challenge you both mentally and physically. As you dash across such uneven terrain, your body and mind must focus and respond to uneven ground and trail obstacles. Trail running is also a great way to unplug from life’s busy day-to-day demands and bustle of the city. We encourage you to ditch your headphones and just enjoy the outdoors for as long as your body will let you run. If you think you’ll be out for a while, be sure to bring along a good snack to refuel your body as you run. We prefer packing along a toaster waffle sandwich stuffed with nut butter & fruit in a small backpack!


Hiking is a classic go-to summer activity that can be fun for the entire family! Even if you have youngsters that are too little to hike on their own, you can bring them along in a kids-carrier pack so they can still come along for the ride. Not only is hiking fun for the whole family, it’s also a fantastic way to get outside and unwind on your own when you’re feeling stressed. In fact, studies show that hiking improves sleep, mood, memory, and ultimately helps make us happier human beings. What’s not to love, right? Depending on where you choose to hike, make sure to bring along plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, water, and snacks. Also, wearing a good pair of wool socks and a supportive pair of hiking shoes will help prevent blisters and keep your feet feeling refreshed with each passing mile on the trail.


Kayaking is not the only water activity we’re getting outside for this summer; fly fishing is right up there as one of our favorite outdoor summer activities at Kodiak Cakes. While fly fishing may not work up quite the sweat that trail running does (except when you wrestle out the fattest fish in the river, of course), there is nothing quite as liberating as losing yourself to the sound of crickets, swallows, and the flow of river water as you anxiously await the next fish to take your fly. Check with your local fly shop if you’re unfamiliar with the latest fly patterns—they may even share some of their favorite local secrets. And don’t forget to purchase a state fishing license so you don’t get a ticket. If you’re going to be out for the day, make sure to bring plenty of water as well as a small camp stove and some Kodiak Cakes to help keep your energy high!


Tailgating is not just for sports fans. In fact, there’s nothing better than winding down from a hot day in the sun with a post-adventure tailgate session. Bring along some snacks, or, if you have a packable grill, check out some of our favorite summer BBQ recipes to cook up with your friends right from the back of your car! If anything, bring along one of our Super Fruit Syrups, a bottle of lemonade, and mix a glass of lemonade with a little bit of syrup for the perfect summer super fruit refresher! Just enjoying a cold drink with good friends makes post-adventure tailgating one of our favorite outdoor summer activities.  

What are some of your favorite fun summer activities? Share your adventures with us this summer on Facebook and Instagram by tagging @kodiakcakes and #kodiakcakes.

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