Happy National Oatmeal Day

With Oatober coming to a close, and a quite calm falling on the bountiful oatmeal fields it’s time to take one last day to celebrate everyone’s favorite pioneer pantry staple. So, on behalf of the AAOF, as well as Kodiak Cakes, I want to wish you all a very happy National Oatmeal Day. It’s a day to take time to not only enjoy a hot bowl of your favorite flavor oatmeal or to mix up a batch of your grandma’s famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but to also recognize the proud legacy oatmeal has had in the history of the American breakfast.

So, three cheers for oatmeal! Three cheers for Oatober! Three cheers for breakfast!



Otis T. Meel

AAOF President, Park City Chapter

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