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We’re known for making delicious whole grain, protein-packed flapjack & waffle mixes with the big bear on the package. But ever wondered, “Why the bear? Where did Kodiak name come from?” Well folks, we’re here to unpack all of that and more on Earth Day.

It all started with a conversation between two brothers, Joel (CEO of Kodiak) and Jon Clark, about what they should name these delicious flapjacks & waffles. They agreed that what they had was not simply a better-for-you breakfast, but a daring, adventurous experience for all to enjoy. Breakfast sets the table for endless possibilities ahead, and the brand should reflect that. 

Joel exclaimed over the phone, Why don’t we name them bear cakes?” Who wouldn’t want to feel brave eating breakfast that came from a box with a bear on it, right? And after many iterations, a trip to Alaska, and long nights of brainstorming, Kodiak was born. 

The bear just seemed to fit. Bears are a keystone species and settle into vibrant, healthy ecosystems. They embody bravery, adventure, and a daring sense of living. Everything we hope to inspire you to achieve from a hearty breakfast. 

Satisfy your inner bear with Kodiak!

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