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3 Classic Pioneer Recipes Reinvented Kodiak Style

Generations ago, pioneers traveled to the unknown West seeking rich opportunities to buy land, seize a better life, and experience grand adventure. To survive the journey however, they needed wholesome meals made with whole grains and other hearty ingredients to keep them going during longs days on the trail.

Many of the recipes and ingredients used survived the trip West—and for delicious reasons. So, this week our kitchen combined these better-for-you ingredients and added Kodiak’s elevated nutritional take to bring three classic pioneer recipes back to life Kodiak style. After all, while today's frontier may look a little different than wagon trains and vast plains, the need for delicious and balanced options remains the same to keep us moving, motivated, and full no matter what the day brings. Give these recipes a try and share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging @kodiakcakes.

Johnny Cakes

How did the Johnny Cakes recipe get its name*? Well, Johnny woke up one brisk Saturday morning on the trail, and as the sun lit up enough for him to see, he and started cooking a hearty stack of flapjacks to fuel his journey west. But as he whisked the batter, he realized he added Kodiak Cornbread Mix instead of the flapjack mix. He thought, “Cornbread is filling and pretty darn good, why not try it in flapjack form?” So he continued cooking, and boy did it pay off! That glorious morning, he drizzled maple syrup on his warm, steamy stack of what he coined as Johnny Cakes and powered through his travels more satisfied than ever.  

*We like to imagine that Kodiak was around during the pioneer days, but did you know: Kodiak was founded in 1995?! With this tidbit of info, clearly we fibbed on this story a bit ;) 

Apple Butter Stack Cake

Whole grains are better for you and simply taste better—the pioneers used it for fuel on their journey. So, we played around with Kodiak’s whole grain flapjacks and bam—Apple Butter Stack Cake was born! 

Whether your frontier is hosting an autumn gathering with family and friends or indulging in a tart-tasting treat to kick off the fall, this Old-Fashioned Apple Butter Stack Cake fires on all cylinders, from festive flavors to elevated nutrition. Crafted with 100% whole grain flapjacks, each layer is lathered with a generous heap of spiced, salted apple butter. Thank you to the pioneers for the inspo!  

Honey Candy

We like to think the pioneers got creative with their recipes on the trail, so we combined their nutrient-dense ingredients and our curiosity with Kodiak products to create Honey Candy. Using our crave-worthy, crunchy Honey Bear Bites, we’ve concocted hearty cinnamon honey candies that would make Mr. Wonka himself envious of. Try your hand at this detailed recipe and enjoy homemade candy fit for the whole neighborhood.

What other frontier-inspired recipes do you love? Share your favorites with us on Instagram or email them to us at!

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