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“Some of my favorite memories with my dad were made while skiing. My dad always loved finding big jumps and getting ‘airtime’ as he would say. When my dad was about 60 years old, he went off a massive jump at Alta Ski Resort that dropped down into some deep powder. He crashed pretty bad and rolled deep into the snow; I was pretty nervous, wondering if he would be alright. But when he came up out of the snow, his head completely covered in white, he raised both of his hands giving me two thumbs up and yelled, ‘Yeah!’ I will never forget that moment.” – Joel Clark, Kodiak Cakes co-founder & CEO

This weekend, we’re celebrating the man who taught you how to ride a bike, joined you for make-believe games, played catch with you in the backyard, cooked the best flapjacks on Sunday morning, and snuck you treats when mom wasn’t looking. To help make your father, the father figure in your life, or husband feel extra special this Sunday, we’re sharing four activities you can do with him to celebrate Father’s Day.


Fishing is a fun activity for all ages. Whether you and your dad decide to drift out onto the lake or stroll up a riverbank — fishing together is a classic memory. With a few snacks on hand and some cold drinks along the way, you’ll be surprised how fast time flies while casting lines. Don’t know how to fish? This may be the perfect opportunity to ask your dad to teach you.


Grab a few logs and a match while you and your dad take time to reminisce over some of your favorite memories or maybe chat about all the future adventures you have planned together. Whichever conversational trail you take around the campfire, we’re sure you’ll savor these moments with your dad. 



Does your dad spend countless hours tending to his backyard? From mowing the lawn to fixing sprinklers, yard maintenance is tough and time consuming. Compliment his hard work by challenging him to a fun lawn game this Father’s Day. One of our favorites is Croquet — a game played by hitting wooden or plastic balls through hoops using a wooden mallet. Add to the fun by playing for something like dinner, the last cookie, or who gets to pick the next movie.


Dads inherently love to BBQ – or that’s what we all assume, right? Tap into your inner chef this Father’s Day and ask your dad to spend some quality time around the charcoal with you creating the perfect Sunday dinner. If he hasn’t taught you the art of grilling already, it’s your chance to pick up a few pointers and tips. Not sure what to cook? This BBQ Pork Sandwich makes for a delicious meal that your dad is sure to love!


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