Here at Kodiak Cakes, we’re always working to create foods that taste great and are easy to make. From our 100% whole grain baking mixes to our protein-packed Power Cakes, every product we make is carefully crafted to give you the energy you need to conquer each day. But while mixing batter and cooking pancakes or waffles isn’t necessarily hard to do, it does take extra time, which isn’t always an option when you’re in a rush to get to work or hurrying to get the kids ready for school. Our toaster-ready Power Waffles are a great-tasting source of nourishment perfect for mornings like this. All you have to do is pop them in your toaster and they’re ready to eat! So, let’s take a closer look at our Power Waffles and what exactly makes them a great go-to breakfast for busy mornings.


Have you ever noticed how it’s those mornings when we actually need a good breakfast we either skip it altogether or just reach for a quick grab-and-go breakfast bar? It just so happens that many times those are the same days we’re unable to focus on much more than lunch once 10:30 AM rolls around, which isn’t a great place to be when you have places to go and things to get done. It’s mornings like this that a breakfast loaded with 100% whole grains and protein can make or break the day. So, the next time you’re tempted to skip breakfast due to lack of time, reach for a box of Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles instead.

You’ve probably heard a lot about how whole grains and protein are good for you, but let’s take a closer look at what that really means for you and your busy, active lifestyle. Part of what makes protein such an important player in a nutritious breakfast is its ability to help you feel fuller for longer. When you don’t forget to eat breakfast, you won’t find yourself looking at the clock wondering if it’s time for lunch when it’s only ten in the morning. Protein also plays a key role in building muscle and repairing body tissue, making it essential to your diet—especially if you’re starting the day with a tough workout. Not only do our Power Waffles serve up 12 grams of protein per serving, but you also get the added benefits of 100% whole grains, which includes dietary fiber, B vitamins, and other essential nutrients that can help improve digestive health.


It’s easier to eat something that’s good for you when it, well, actually tastes good—so we take the time to ensure each batch of Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles tastes amazing. We do this by using 100% whole grains, which happen to taste better than plain white flour and use frontier-inspired recipes like Buttermilk & VanillaCinnamonChocolate ChipBlueberry, and Dark Chocolate. Our Power Waffles taste great on their own, with syrup, or even with just a bit of fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. We even take the time to refine each recipe so the taste and texture are just right. After all, no one likes a waffle that’s too soggy or dry. As it turns out, when you combine all that attention to detail with the wholesome taste of all non-GMO ingredients, you end up with a delicious toaster waffle you can’t help but crave for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, too!


Convenience is key whenever you’re trying to maintain a healthier diet—otherwise, it’s just too easy to fall back on quick, unhealthy options when you’re in a rush. As part of our mission to inspire healthier eating and active lifestyles with nourishment for today’s frontier, we realize that in “today’s frontier,” quick and convenient foods are essential to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. That’s why it was so important to us to develop a convenient, toaster-ready waffle that can be ready to eat in just a few minutes and was also loaded with the benefits of 100% whole grains and protein. To unlock all the nourishing goodness in our Power Waffles, all you have to do is set your toaster to its lowest setting and toast them until they’re crispy and hot. You can also cook them up in a conventional oven at about 375 degrees—just lay the waffles flat on a baking sheet, cook them for 3-5 minutes, and enjoy! Pretty easy, right?


There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding frozen foods. One of them being that any frozen food item must be loaded with cheap fillers and preservatives. While that certainly is true of many food items you’ll find in the frozen aisle, that isn’t the case with Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles. In fact, our toaster waffles – like all of our products – are made with only non-GMO ingredients and zero preservatives. So, not only are you getting all the benefits of protein and whole grains, but you can also feel better about what you’re eating because they’re made with the same simple ingredients you’ll find in our flapjack and waffle mixes and baking mixes.

Are Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles your go-to breakfast food? We’d like to hear why! Share your Power Waffles with us by tagging @kodiakcakes on Instagram and Facebook and don’t forget to tell us why you reach for Power Waffles when you have a demanding day ahead.

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