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There’s a reason why we grew up waking up at a specific time, going to bed at a specific time, eating meals at a specific time, you get the idea. It’s because a routine helps foster good habits, maintain structure, improve efficiency, and eliminate stress and anxiety. Recently, many of our daily routines have been disrupted by a global pandemic that has made our every day feel quite different than it did a few weeks ago. At Kodiak Cakes, we want to be here for you in ways both new and familiar, helping you settle in and create a successful routine. While we are definitely not experts on this topic, and even though we’re still trying to figure it out for ourselves, here are a few tips that have helped our Kodiak family along the way:


With “social distancing” in full effect many of us find ourselves spending quite a bit more time at home. During this time it is important to reflect on what normally would have gotten you out of bed. A full-time job? Getting the kids up and ready for school? 7 AM class at the local college or university? Whatever it was, one way to maintain routine while at home is waking up at the same time that you would have most days of the week. It can be tempting to push the “snooze” button one, two, or even three times, but getting out of bed at a consistent time each morning will not only help you sleep better at night, but studies also show that it improves our health in several ways, including improved concentration & productivity, digestion, stronger immunity, and emotional stability.


We’re all familiar with the many benefits of regular exercise. If you’re having trouble sleeping or feeling run down, and aren’t sure why, you may just need a little exercise or fresh air. Getting out to exercise about four times a week can help clear your head, improve your mood, boost energy levels, and even help you sleep better. Fitting exercise into your routine doesn’t require hours in the gym or hitting the trail for a run. All you need is 20-30 minutes, and how you use that time to raise your heart rate is up to you. You may opt to go outside for a run, walk, or bike ride when the weather is nice. At-home workouts are all the rage right now, too. Check out one of our favorite workout routines you can do in your living room below. And, when time gets the best of you, there’s nothing better than a quick five-minute dance party to raise your spirits (and your heart rate). This one is fun for the whole family to do together — in fact, you may just find that five minutes isn’t enough.



If you have a light set of dumbbells — grab them! If not, find a household item that has some weight to it - soup cans, water bottles, etc. You can also use NO weights — you will still feel it. Please take a lower impact option on any exercise if what is right for your body!


It can be easy to overlook our mental health when it seems like there are so many other things going on. In times like these, it’s only natural to worry — we are human after all. But, making time for yourself can help relieve anxiety and make you and those around you happier. According to the pros at Psychology Today, taking care of our mental health can be as simple as taking a few minutes to write down what you’re grateful for or going for a 30 minute walk outside. Take time to read a book, enjoy a hot bath, laugh and play with the kids, or try a new recipe.


Staying connected with people during tough times is one of the best things you can do for your health to keep from feeling isolated. Connecting with your family and friends will make you feel happier, increase longevity, and reduce your risk for future health problems. It will also help add value and positivity to someone else’s life. Reminiscing, exchanging new ideas, discussing new habits and daily routines, as well as planning out future fun adventures are all things to talk about with your loved ones. A simple text message may be all you need to get that social fix. We suggest a phone call or video chat for long conversations, and never underestimate the power of a hand-written letter. Whatever you do, connecting with your family and friends is sure to make you smile.



There’s no denying that these are uncertain and just plain weird times. Finding ways to stay positive not only supports your mental health, but can also help inspire those around you as well. Staying positive starts with recognizing even the smallest of “wins” throughout the day. Something as simple as getting out of bed before hitting snooze or reading a chapter in your favorite book. Writing down one positive thing every day will help you focus on the good happening around you. Try getting the whole family on board to create a positive environment around you for everyone to participate in.

Have you had to adjust your daily routine recently? If so, share any tips that have helped you with the transition with us on social media by tagging @kodiakcakes!

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